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Highland HMC-601 Compact Chenille Machine

Highland HMC-601 Compact Chenille Machine

Includes: (2) 12cm Shirt Front Hoops (4.7"), (2) 15cm Shirt Front Hoops (5.9"), (2) 29cm x 29cm Jacket Back Hoops (11.4 x 11.4"), (1) 42cm x 30cm Jacket Back Hoop (approx 16.5 x 11.8"), (1) Border Frame (21 x 15.5"), 5 Year Warranty

    • HUGE sewing field (approx. 20 x 15.5").
    • Automatic Thread Trimming: trims the thread when color changes occur, and when the pantograph moves to another location on the design
    • Large 5.7 inch Color LCD
    • User-friendly menu allows ease of operation even for beginners
    • Easily import designs with a standard USB Flash Drive
    • Large on-board design memory holds sixteen million stitches (or 400 designs)
    • Simplified buttons for easy operation
    • Automatic Color Change
    • Automatic Thread Break Detection
    • User-friendly Control Panel 5.7" Color LCD
    • 6 Chenille Needles/Colors
    • Max sewing speed 650 stitches per minute
    • Built in workspace lighting
    • Sixteen Million (16,000,000) Stitch Memory - Machine memory holds sixteen million stitches or 400 designs
    • USB Port - For easily transferring designs to machine using USB flash drives
    • Telephone Support and Equipment Training Included
    • Extra large table to support large items such as blankets, table is easily removed if space is a premium
    • Hoops are interchangeable with Highland HM-1501c
    • Five Year Warranty

For All Pricing, Leasing and Financing Inquiries, Please Call (800) 818-0783

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