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Highland HM/D 1501c

Highland HM/D 1501c

Includes: (2) 12cm Shirt Front Hoops (3.5"), (2) 15cm Shirt Front Hoops (4.7"), (2) 18cm Shirt Front Hoops (5.9"), (2) 29cm x 29cm Jacket Back Hoops (11.4x11.4"), (2) 40cm x 36cm Jacket Back Hoop (approx 16.5x11.8")

    • Big sewing field 490x360mm (approx 19x14")
    • Touch-screen Control Panel 6.8" Color LCD
    • Quick Change Hooping System (see below for details and video)
    • NEW: Multitasking - shift between tasks like design input, preparation for the next design, and changing design parameters while the machine is working
    • 16 Million Stitch Memory capacity
    • 1200 stitches per minute
    • Automatic Thread Trimmer
    • Automatic Color Change
    • Automatic Thread Break Detection
    • Linear Pantograph Drive Movement
    • Design/data ports: USB
    • Control Panel features a 7" Touch-Screen Color LCD Display
    • User-friendly menu makes it easy to read and quickly identify production information
    • On-screen prompts guide you through every step of the process
    • 1 USB Port for loading designs from USB flash drives
    • Key-type User Interface for ease of operation
    • One-Touch Designs Tracing - easily trace the design to ensure accurate placement before ever sewing a stitch by simply pressing a button
    • Scale size of designs up or down
    • Manual/automatic offset - frame can easily be returned to the previous position by selecting the option, or set to automatically return to the previous offset position when a job is completed
    • Rotate or Mirror Image
    • Origin Return - easily return to the starting point of the design
    • Floating - Moves frame forward or backward through design without stitching
    • Store up to 400 designs in memory
    • Laser Light for Design Tracing
    • Built In Energy Saving Fluorescent Workspace Lights
    • One-touch Design Trace
    • Stitch Filtering
    • 110v single phase power (standard wall plug)
    • Custom Machine Stand
    • Built In Noise Reduction Technology
    • Memory Retention After Shut Down


    Number of Needles 12
    Working Area 490x360mm or 19.29"x14.17"
    Internal Design Memory Sixteen million (16,000,000) stitches/400 designs
    Data Interface USB Port
    Control Panel 7" Touch Screen Color LCD
    Power Source AC115V
    Dimensions(W x H x D) 29.5" x 65" x 31"
    Weight (uncrated - not shipping weight) Approx. 220 lbs




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